“Diaspora Smile” is a part of an ongoing photographic project that captures the joy of senior Tibetan refugees who lived in exile for more than fifty years. Due to old age , health and economic condition  many of Tibetan senior citizen in exile were unable to participate in religious pilgrimage. To be able to come to pilgrimage on holy site of Buddha and join His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama annual Dhramma teaching is one of the last wish of these people . “Diaspora Smile Project” empower them to by supporting in kind of transportation , assistance staff, food and accommodation during the pilgrimage season. From 2009- 2013, We have successful support about 280 Senior Tibetan refugee age between 60-90 years old, from Mainpat Tibetan Settlement in Bihar , Refugee Camp near Bumtang in Bhutan, Choephelling Tibetan settlement in Miao, Arunachal Pradesh, Paljorling Settlement in Pokhara, Nepal, and Phuntsokling Tibetan settlement from Orissa.